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posted: 12 October 2017.

Work progressing well.

Work on the side of the Memorial plinth is progressing well so far.

work progressing

work progressing

There will be more updates next month.

posted: 23 September 2017.


Work has now started at the Memorial site. There is a lot of preparation to start with, beginning with some remedial work on one side of the upright plinth that has not weathered so well. This will be followed by a general clean and polish along the surface of the rest of the plinth before the major part of placing the 'stairway' on top.

Hoarding 23 sept 2017

Hoarding 23 sept 2017

Hoarding 23 sept 2017

Hoarding 23 sept 2017

Hoarding 23 sept 2017

Hoarding 23 sept 2017

This is all going to take several weeks, so more information will be reported at different stages of the work in due course'.

posted: 17 September 2017.


As you will see from these photos, hoarding has been erected around the Memorial site so that work on the final part of the project can start next week sometime. It is still a very complex job and there will be different specialists on site during the various stages of work over the coming weeks. There are 2 windows in the solid green hoarding so that progress can be seen from the park pathway as well as from the tube stairway. If there are no hold-ups or set-backs it should all be finished and cleared up just before Christmas. So, let's keep our fingers crossed for good weather and for things to run smoothly. We will keep you updated on the progress from time to time.

Hoarding 113

Hoarding 114

Hoarding 129

Hoarding 147

Hoarding 152

Hoarding 168

posted: 16th November 2012

Work continues on the plinth.

paving being laid
31st October, the paving is being laid.

paving virtually complete
13th November - The paving is virtually complete and the replanting and seeding is being organised. The plinth still needs its final polish and also the drainage and lighting has to be finished before the plaques and bench can be installed. Phase 1 should then be completed in time for Christmas.

posted: 15th May 2012

Services in place.

foundations and services complete All the foundations and services are now all in place. We are just waiting for the plinth to be finished offsite.

posted: 15th May 2012

Finishing the foundations.

view of the finished foundation 1 of 2
These two photographs show the foundations all finished, with just some more groundwork to be done ready for delivery of the plinth.
view of the finished foundation 2 of 2

Earlier construction.

Click here to see pictures of earlier construction work.