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Earlier construction


The site where the memorial will be built has now been cleared ready for the builders to move in.

The orange fencing by local firm, J. B. Riney & Co, can clearly be seen in the following photographs. The firm is doing a lot of the clearing work and will be helping with the ground works on the Memorial at half the real cost of the work involved.

pic 19

pic 1

pic 3

pic 2

pic 12

First dig. Thursday 1st March 2012.

S2 Tommy Alf & Sandra with spade.
Babs Clark, Tommy Walsh, Alf, Derek and Sandra

hoarding with design
Hoarding showing a line drawing of how the memorial will look.

Large group

Reception at hotel Alf addresses the gathering
The reception at The Town Hall Hotel after the ceremony.

posted: 20th April 2012

First pour.

pic 1
First pouring of concrete for the foundation.

posted: 1st May 2012

Wooden moulds under construction.

pre-fab mould 1
Here are some photos that Harry took when he visited the company preparing the Timber and plywood moulds for the precast concrete plinths in Leicester last week.

pre-fab mould 2

pre-fab mould 3

pre-fab mould 4
It is very exciting to see the offsite pre-fabrication work progressing to plan.