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2013 archive


Arts Auction. 29th May 2013

Arts Auction report.

The arts auction on Monday was a lot of work. If I had known how much I might not have been so keen to take it on!! However, it was wroth it in the end. We raised £3,472.90 which was excellent and there are lots of items still not sold that we will keep for the celebrity lunch (hopefully in late September or early October), or maybe we will be brave enough to organise another arts auction.

My sincere thanks to all the artists that donated work to it, they were very generous and very helpful and of course without them we could not have had such a brilliant cross section of art of all kinds to offer. Special thanks go to everyone who came along on the day and bought items, especially Tommy Walsh and all his friends. Rich Mix and their staff were wonderful to us, giving us the venue for free and providing the support staff and food (which was delicious). Tesco’s and Iceland provided some of the drinks. Chris & Lee donated the rest. Derek did a lot of running around and on the day Jan, Lee, Derek, Chris & I hung all the paintings and cards, forms, etc. from early morning. Plus all our extra evening helpers Barbara, Edna, Frances & Jo. Our feet were aching like mad by the end of the evening, especially as we didn’t get home until 1am, but it was a great atmosphere and a really exciting evening.

The most amazing help came from Chris Foley (our new committee member) who basically stored, catalogued and did all the paperwork for the auction (weeks of work) and Laura Healy who produced the catalogue. They worked so hard to get everything right and the three of us were exchanging e-mails until the early hours of the morning most days leading up to it. The other super player was the auctioneer, Lord Shoreditch (Steve Edge), who is a real character and really made the auction. Hopefully there will be some photos on the website soon.

Jack the Ripper walk 2013. 31st August 2013

East London Sunday Football League Tournament. 8th September 2013

posted: 1st December 2013

Gatehouse School cheque.


Gatehouse School in Sewardstone display a cheque for the funds they had raised on 13th November

Exhibition of East End photographs at the Bethnal Green Library. 16th November 2013